Are you a good coach or player in your country?

Develop specific physical preparation for table tennis by videoconference in your country with cardiofitping! Few clubs offer physical sessions! So there is a real demand !

In France, more than 120 players have already trusted us after one year!!!!

We can build a partnership with you:

-You will have a website in the language of your choice, payment formulas, connection to the high-definition videoconference site

-You will benefit from our Facebook network of over 20,000 table tennis players worldwide, and Instagram with over 2,000 followers

-you will have access to our catalog of physical exercises for table tennis

-You don't need to invest money,

everything will be ready to get started! Contact us to have informations !

To build this partnership you will need to be:

1)A good level player or a motivated coach
2)be available every Sunday at the end of the afternoon during 1 hour.
3)Demonstrate seriousness and be motivated.

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